Having Children Become Engaged With Books

Being a reading teacher in early childhood I often take for granted the knowledge of early literacy skills that I posses. I wanted to share some tips for how I work with my boys at home so you can do the same! The biggest tip I can give any parent on early literacy is to {Read More…}

Working Parents… I See You!

I am a working mom, like so many of you out there. I know your struggles, I see you. I see you waking up earlier than you need to to make sure your ready for your day and that everything for your kids is in order. I see you getting everyone in the car trying {Read More…}

5 Ways to Utilize Magnetic Letters

Magnetic letters are a great tool that can be used in so many different ways. This is why this tool is perfect for the classroom as well as for at home learning! So what can they do besides just hang out on your fridge and take up space?? Just let the play! Sounds crazy but {Read More…}

What Guides Your Shared Reading?

I have been doing a lot of work with preschool teachers the last few weeks on effective teaching ideas for shared reading.  These teachers are lucky to have F&P Classroom Shared Reading as a program.  Even though they have the resources it can still be a daunting task if shared reading is something new.  I {Read More…}

Tools for a Reading Room!

Are you always looking for new exciting tools to help engage your students and make them successful?  So am I!  I wanted to take some time to share with you certain tools I use all the time to help my students.  Many of you have asked about them so I thought this type of post {Read More…}

November 2018 Book of the Month

November Book of the Month….. The Family Book by Todd Parr Why did I choose this book? I like how this book deals with family.  This is a great choice for November because of Thanksgiving.  It gives you a lot of opportunities to discuss families and how they are different and encourages everyone to be {Read More…}

Obsessed With Target?? I’ve Got You Covered!

I don’t know about you but I find myself in Target probably a lot more than I should!  I love strolling through their dollar spot looking for great finds for my own kids and my students.  I pick up the usual items, pencils, activity books, stickers, but they really have so much more to offer.  {Read More…}

It’s Rhyme Time!!!

Working with beginning or struggling readers can often be a challenge especially for a new teacher.  You sit there wondering where to start.  I like to begin with basic phonemic awareness.  Yes it is important that they identify their letters and sounds but trust me they will get that.  So when I begin working with {Read More…}

How To Make Worksheets Interactive?

I am going to start by explaining that I completely understand that there are a time and place for worksheets and by no means am I saying they are completely bad.  I do use worksheets in my intervention groups, just not all the time. Sorry for the quick disclaimer but sometimes it’s important lol! So {Read More…}

Starting A Center Routine!

The time has come and back to school season has come upon us.  Some of you have already started and some like me are still trying to hold on to the last few weeks!  Wherever you are in your journey now is a good time to start thinking of your expectations for small group.  Whether {Read More…}