Bragging About Books!

My students have fallen in love with independent reading!  I hope your students feel the same.  They actually beg met to pick them for the share each day.  Whoever I choose is so excited and tells us about their book as well as how they applied the skill.  The other students in my class listen {Read More…}

Independent Reading Vs. DEAR Time

I did a great professional development today on the differences between independent reading and DEAR time.  Independent reading is definitely a buzz word buzzing its way around the education world. So what is Independent Reading and how is it different from DEAR time? Independent reading is where the students in your class read independently for a certain {Read More…}

Main Idea Madness!

I really want to focus on main idea today.  There is so much changing in education and the term “main idea” is also changing.  I feel this is a term that has been burned into a students brain from when they are very little.  Then around 6th grade, it changes.  In 6th grade they are {Read More…}

Writing Tip of the Week: ✎✎ Partners in Writing Workshop ✎✎

During Writer’s Workshop I often have my writers turn and talk to someone sitting next to them.  This was getting to be a challenge because as the lessons went on they were consistently sitting next to different people.  So before they could focus on the skill we were working on they would have to read {Read More…}

Nice, Mean, Bad… Tired of boring Character Traits?

I don’t know about you but I am tired of reading answer after answer all saying the main character is NICE!!! Even in 6th grade my students all use the same words!  It’s time to increase the vocabulary they use.  This year I kicked off this ongoing vocabulary instruction by playing a game.  What better {Read More…}

Writing Tip Of The Week!! ✎✎ Management ✎✎

I’ve been talking a lot about reading but I don’t want to leave out writing!  Writing should be a major part of our students lives.  Not just writing about reading but really having them grow as writers.  There are many ways to teach writing.  No matter which method you use your students will go through {Read More…}

Leveled Libraries… Tips and Tricks

So you just made all new genre labels for your library baskets.  They are adorably attached with decorative duct tape.  Then you’re hit with “All classrooms need a leveled library.”  You feel like fainting and your next thought goes to “Why?”  There are many benefits to having a leveled library (and also different ways to {Read More…}

Spooktacular Center Activities

Targeting students weaknesses is a must in a literacy classroom, but you have a large class with students on all different levels with different needs.  How can you possibly do it?  (And no giving everyone the same activity shouldn’t always be the answer!) CENTERS! Centers are a great way to ensure your meeting the needs {Read More…}

So I made my anchor charts… Now what?

A big buzz word going around reading instruction is creating anchor charts. Whether you are teaching modules or teaching through readers workshop you may have come across this phrase. So you spend a lot of time creating these beautiful bright charts to display in your room. You get all excited introducing them to you class {Read More…}

Packed Curriculum? Where To Fit In Holiday Activities

So this year in my class I am expected to teach my students a novel using the NY Modules and we have adapted Lucy Calkin’s Writers Workshop (so beyond thrilled).  All of this is great except now there is really no time for those fun holiday activities we all love to teach. My students are {Read More…}