Summer Noun and Adjective Sorting Activity

This is a great activity for the younger grades!  It can work well as a center or a group activity.  I made this as a request by a friend.  They were looking for a summery literacy center for the end of the year.  This was perfect! She used it with her 2nd grade class and {Read More…}

Just A Dream by Chris Van Allsburg

I am in the middle of an author study of Chris Van Allsburg and my students are absolutely loving it!! Today we read Just A Dream, which by the way is a perfect book to read for Earth Day.  Before reading we went over some vocabulary words that they would come across in the book.  {Read More…}

Synonym story stars!

This is a great center idea where students have to match synonyms in the story to the word cards that they have. I used this as a center with my 6th grade ELA extra help class. They students really enjoyed the hands on center rather than just something written. It’s hard to get my kids {Read More…}

The Sweetest Fig

I absolutely love The Sweetest Fig by Chris Van Allsburg! My students loved it also! I created 2 games for them to play after reading the book. One was a cause and effect matching game. My students did awesome with this and they really liked playing the game. The second one was a comprehension board {Read More…}

Synonym Turtles

I am so excited to get this blog started!! I have been creating a lot of materials for my students lately and really wanted to share.  This is a game I created today for synoynms.  I really enjoy having literacy centers that really grab my students attention so I can really focus on reading groups {Read More…}