Book of the Month

December Book of the Month…..

Pick a Pine Tree

by Patricia Toht

Why did I choose this book?

As I started reading the story to my children floods of memories started coming back.  All the Christmas traditions we had growing up and the ones I continued with my own kids.  The book is just magical, and it rhymes.  I love rhyming stories!

Before Reading:

  • I would spend time discussing what holiday traditions they have.
  • Review rhyming words.  Discuss they are words with the same sound at the end.  Model rhyming pairs and encourage students to listen while reading to pick out the rhyming words.
  • Discuss steps needed to decorate a tree.  You may have students who come from different backgrounds where they have never decorated a tree.  Giving this overview will help them follow the story.

During Reading:

  • Focus on the rhyming pairs as you are reading.  You can print out little holiday picture cards for students to hold and raise if they hear words that rhyme and then review them.
  • Text dependent cards.   Ask questions during your read aloud to ensure comprehension and make connections.

After Reading

  • Discuss how the story relates to their holiday traditions.
  • Have them sequence decorating a tree

Happy Reading!

Check out the book here!!!

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