Book of the Month

December Book of the Month…..

Should I Share My Ice Cream?

by Mo Willems

Why did I choose this book?

Well honestly Mo Willems is one of my favorite authors.  I love using this book in December because it’s not a holiday specific book but rather it teaches about sharing and friendship.  It is a perfect book to use while teaching holidays and holiday spirit as well as how to be a good person!

Before Reading:

  • Especially with younger students you will definitely want to spend some time discussing what it means to share and what sharing may look like in their lives.  I like to make posters.  We have a poster machine where we can enlarge worksheets which is perfect for this.  I then laminate and can use it again and again!


During Reading:

  • There are many spots throughout the story to stop.  I love using speech bubble post its and have my students insert their own thoughts and comments for the characters.  They come up with some really great comments!
  • You can also stop around page 31 and have your students determine whether or not Elephant should share with Piggie.  They can have a turn and talk or they can each come up and decide and explain their decision.  This is a great way to elicit conversation among your students!
  • The sight words “I” and “we” are found often throughout this story.  You may with to stop and use highligher tape to identify the words as you find them.


After Reading

  • Since there are many sight words you can have a sight word spin game.  I personally like to enlarge it on the poster machine and laminate so other groups can play.  This is also a great center because it keeps them reminded of the sight words!

  • Sequencing is another great skill to teach while using this story.  I like to give my students sequencing picture cards and have them put the cards in order.  This also helps them with retelling the story!  I use this activity in small group rather than a center because I want to ensure that they are accurate when completing this.  If you think your students can handle this as a center you can write the number of the cards on the back for a self check!

Should I Share My Ice Cream? Activities found HERE!!!

Happy Reading!