How To Make Worksheets Interactive?

I am going to start by explaining that I completely understand that there are a time and place for worksheets and by no means am I saying they are completely bad.  I do use worksheets in my intervention groups, just not all the time.

Sorry for the quick disclaimer but sometimes it’s important lol!

So why is making worksheets interactive a great idea?  Worksheets are important, they give students practice on skills we are working on, they give us an idea on how our students are performing without testing them!  But sometimes students are just given too many.  Taking worksheets and making them more interactive gives students a whole new aspect of learning.  Students do well with a hands on approach!

How do you make worksheets interactive?

Honestly most worksheets can be made interactive if you really try.  You do not need “special” or “specific” worksheets to make this work.  My absolute favorite tool is the poster machine.  My school happens to have one and I hope all of you have one as well, if not maybe a great Donors Choose project??  You can scan any paper into it and it blows it up! Amazing!  After I enlarge the page I typically laminate it because than I can have my students use dry erase markers and I can reuse them!

Besides enlarging worksheets there are ways of making them more interactive! I almost always include some type of prop.  My favorite is large inflatable dice!  The students LOVE using them!  I happen to be lucky to be placed in a very quiet hallway so we often roll our dice and do activities in the hall!


I made this simple page where students had to roll and depending on what number they rolled they would trace a letter in that color.  Yes we could have individually done this or worked in small groups but rolling inflatable dice and using dry erase markers is definitely way more fun!  I did give each of my students their own copy of the page with crayons so when it wasn’t their turn they were still practicing writing the letter.  It was a huge success and so easy to prep and reuse!  Letter activity found HERE!

Another great reason to enlarge worksheets is that they then work great for incorporating different skills.  We have been working on nursery rhymes so this particular week we did Rain, Rain, Go Away.  Each student in the group was given a copy but I also made a poster of it.  With my poster we were able to use Wikki Stix to identify the rhyming words and highlight the letter R which happened to be a letter they were working on in their classrooms with Fundations and Max Scholar.  (I always like to tie my lessons with what their teachers are doing!) So instead of just sitting at our desks and learning these skills my students were out of their seats and manipulating different tools to identifying specific skills we were working on.  Rain, Rain, Go Away activities found HERE!

Tracing mats are another great worksheet to make interactive!  Yes I know writing with pencils is an important skill but trust me they have plenty of practice!  I love using tracing mats in different ways.  With my kinders we use them to practice letters or sight words.  Instead of just tracing we build it with play doh, or wikki stix, or stamp it with bingo dabbers.  So many possibilities to get different tools in their hands rather than just a pencil! Sight Word Tracing Mats four HERE!!

Worksheets do have to serve just one purpose.  I am working with rhyming with many of my groups.  These same students are also struggling with identifying letters.  When I make my rhyming pages I give them a picture as well as the word except the word is created using a tracing font.  The students have to identify each picture and trace the letters.  We then go over each of the letters in the word.  At the end we find the rhyming pairs.  So with one worksheets we have worked on tracing, identifying letters, vocabulary, and rhyming.  I also want to point out that I never give my kinders worksheets and tell them to do them independently.  All worksheets given are done with small group! No Prep Rhyming activities found HERE!

I hope this helps you on your journey to making worksheets more interactive!  Keep checking back for more great tips!

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