November 2018 Book of the Month

November Book of the Month…..

The Family Book

by Todd Parr

Why did I choose this book?

I like how this book deals with family.  This is a great choice for November because of Thanksgiving.  It gives you a lot of opportunities to discuss families and how they are different and encourages everyone to be accepting.  I also love how it deals with opposites.  It’s a great way to introduce that vocabulary to your class!

Before Reading:

  • A great way to begin this story is through discussion.  Have students volunteer to discuss their family life. As students are sharing, point out the differences and assure that even though they are different they are all still examples of great families.  
  • You can also make a chart “What Family Means to Me” and do a shared writing on the meaning of family.  The click the picture below for a FREE copy!  

During Reading:

  • As you’re reading you can emphasize all the different types of families throughout the story.  Your students may identify with the type of family being discussed and allow them to share how the pages relate to their family.  
  • The book is set up in opposites so the pages go together.  You can use the book to work on the meaning of opposite. You can use highlighter tape to reference the words that relate to opposites, big/small, same/different, near/far.

After Reading

  • You can give each student a copy of a house and have them draw their family.  You can take it another step further and work with the students in small groups to have them write a sentence to go with each of their drawings.  This can be a great activity for a Thanksgiving display and have them write about something they love about their family. This is also available FREE in my TPT store! Click the image below!

  • If you decided to use the book to discuss opposites there are ways you can incorporate it into a center activity. You can have the students use the cards in a matching game. They can pair up and match the cards with a partner.  An activity I love doing is a scavenger hunt. Give each student a card and have them walk around the room to find their matching pair. This is done best with smaller groups first until they truly understand the opposites!

Happy Reading!

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