Obsessed With Target?? I’ve Got You Covered!

I don’t know about you but I find myself in Target probably a lot more than I should!  I love strolling through their dollar spot looking for great finds for my own kids and my students.  I pick up the usual items, pencils, activity books, stickers, but they really have so much more to offer.  I want to share with you 5 random items I bought during my last trip there and how I was able to incorporate them into my literacy room!  My students loved this idea by the way! 🙂

The first thing I saw as I walked in, besides Starbucks, were these little metal pails all decorated with a holiday theme.  Perfect! I do sorting activities quiet frequently in my literacy room and who wouldn’t rather sort cards or items into bins rather than just piles!  I had one of my groups use the bins to sort rhyming pairs.  They were each given cards and they had to identify the two pictures and determine whether or not they rhymed.  What I love about these bins is that the can be used with many different sorting sets I have.  I am able to just attach a new front card and there is a whole new activity! Definitely a great purchase!

Rhyming sorting cards are part of Polar Express Phonemic Awareness Pack

So obviously I did not just take my purchase right to the counter and pay and leave.  I clearly hung around the dollar spot longer to see what else I could find! So many of my groups are still struggling with rhyming so I like to shake up my lessons or use them in different ways to I target different learning styles.  For this I was lucky to find this little felt bucket that I honestly fell in love with and wanted to keep at my own house!  Then I saw them… these perfect little white snowballs! What kid wouldn’t want to have a snowball fight in their school!  So instead of sorting with this group I attached each sign to a bucket and if the student answered the question correctly they had to throw the snowball into the correct bucket! They had a BLAST!!!! Of course we had to have a quick snowball fight before we were done!

I used the same resources with another group I have that are working on initial sounds.  This time I only used 1 bucket and read them a word.  They had to tell me the initial sound of the word and the letter that makes that sound.  If they were correct they got a chance to toss a snowball into the bucket!  Same activity but with a different skill!  This is easily changed to meet the needs of all your groups and all found at the dollar spot!!

The cards shown here are from the Polar Express Phonemic Awareness Pack.  They are for a board game but I used them for a snowball toss instead!


While having a snowball fight is totally fun we couldn’t do it everyday so I needed additional ways to work on initial sounds or really ideas for more sorting activities.  I happened to stumble upon these festive coasters while on this trip to Target!  I put magnetic letters on top of them, which makes it so versatile because it can totally be set for your specific groups!  Than we used picture cards to sort by initial sound!

The cards are from The Polar Express Phonemic Awareness Pack.

My last find was a popular Target item.  These holiday blocks are popping up everywhere, they are such a hit!  They honestly have so many uses but I used them to work on identifying syllables.  Each student was given a picture card.  They had to identify the word and then determine the number of syllables.  They would build the number of syllables with the blocks.  Than we would say the word as we took the blocks apart to identify each syllable break!

Polar Express Phonemic Awareness Pack

Target has so many items that can be used in your classrooms!  Don’t let your significant other talk you out of going!  I would love to hear how you use the dollar spot items in your room!

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