Tools for a Reading Room!

Are you always looking for new exciting tools to help engage your students and make them successful?  So am I!  I wanted to take some time to share with you certain tools I use all the time to help my students.  Many of you have asked about them so I thought this type of post was definitely due!

The tools you choose do not have to be expensive or elaborate.  They just have to be exciting and more than just a pencil.  My absolute favorite is highlighter tape.  They even make little highlight flags that make it so much easier to implement in the middle of a lesson! I use them mainly in my shared reading lessons.  Sometimes I highlight words or letters and sometimes I have my students come up and do it.  I like to focus on sight words that we are working on, letters that we are learning, and even rhyming words that we find!

Highlighter flags I found on Amazon

Here we use the flags to identify the sight word “my” in our Book of the Month!

Another great tool is an actual highlighter!  Crayola makes these great erasable highlighters for when your students color in something they aren’t supposed to.  We all know it’s going to happen so these are great!  I use highlighters as a tool to focus on sight words.  When we see them in our readers we trace the word with the highlighter.  It helps my students focus on the letters of each word as we are reading!

Using highlighters to focus on the word “see” in our reading flip book!

Another tool I love and use almost everyday is a bingo dabber.  My students LOVE this tool and whenever I take them out they hang on every word I say because they want to use them!  It’s kinda perfect! 🙂 I use them to stamp letters or sight words or even to identify answers to questions!  

The tool list can go on really forever.  These are 3 of my go to tools that I use pretty much everyday and how they can be used in a literacy room!  Check out my instagram page for more great tips! @beachbumliteracychick

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